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anyone still around? [Jan. 9th, 2010|09:54 pm]
We are here to help!


i want to attempt my first soaker or maybe shorties... or longies, who knows. anyway i am in love with a ton of pretty wool on etsy and i checked the aubrey doodlepants pattern but i don't see anywhere where it says how much wool i will need? i know it depends on the size of my babe but... i need a guideline! anyone? i'm thinking it'll be a medium/largish... tia!

ETA: if i knit with merino should i elasticize the waist or something? i've heard it can lose its shape after a while... (i think that's merino, right?)

[User Picture]From: mizzy
2010-01-10 04:08 am (UTC)
For any size soaker or shorties 4oz of worsted weight wool (around 200ish yards) will work. Longies in those sizes need more like 6-8oz
You dont have to elasticize the waist as long as you use a drawstring. If you dont plan on using a drawstring then yes elasticize the waist or you can use the curly purly waistband pattern http://www.curlypurly.com/pattern.html (at the bottom)
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